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  • Contextual learning where you learn new language within context, guess unknown words from the context and extract important information from a text or audio helps boost your language retention so you don’t forget what you’ve learned
  • Repeating vocabulary and structures in different contexts means your learning moves quickly from your short-term to your long-term memory. You will learn each topic well and feel confident to use it in real life situations.
  • Fun videos and challenge questions keep your brain switched on and you actively thinking and learning. You learn best when your mind is engaged in the task and you are having fun.
  • Best practice teaching methodology combines the convenience of an online learning course with the effectiveness of contextual learning so you can learn at your own speed, and learn well

Watch videos, review key points, complete challenges and upload assignments for feedback from a real teacher.

Notice your language ability improve and become more and more confident speaking and using the language in the real world.

For best results, aim to complete the course in 1 month. If you need to take longer than a month, make sure you go back and review often so that you don’t forget what you’ve already learned.

Step by Step

Getting started

Start by going to the course page. This should list all the languages you are enrolled in (in most cases this will be a single language).
Click on the name of the language, or on “keep learning” to be taken to your course.
Select the first lesson, then the first topic for that lesson.

Completing a topic

For each topic, you can watch the video, and read the key information for the topic. Once you feel you are confident in the material, you are ready to take the challenge!

Challenge time

The challenge is your chance to prove to yourself you really know your stuff. If you get over 80% in the challenge, you can keep learning and move on to the next topic. Didn’t quite make it to 80%? You’ll need to go back and try again.


Once you’ve finished all the topics and challenges for a lesson, it’s time to complete and upload your assignment. Once you’re teacher has reviewed your assignment (you might have to sit and twiddle your thumbs for a day), you’ll be all clear to move onto the next lesson. You may have even earned yourself a badge in the process.

Onwards and upwards

Now you can keep going with the next lesson, and the next lesson, and the next lesson…
Keep going, keep it up, come back every day, review tricky stuff, and you’ll be fluent in no time.


Unit 1: Greetings and Introductions

  • First Contact – greeting people
  • Asking people how they are
  • Asking for someone’s name
  • How to say different countries
  • Asking people where they are from

Unit 2: All about numbers

  • Numbers 1-10
  • Understanding train announcements
  • Numbers 11-100
  • Asking and giving phone numbers
  • Asking how old people are

Unit 3: What do you do?

  • Subject pronouns (I, you, he…)
  • Key Professions
  • Extended professions vocabulary
  • Asking people what they do

Unit 4: Family

  • Family members
  • Possessive adjectives (my, your, her…)
  • Asking who people are

Unit 5: Speaking fluently

  • Languages
  • Asking people about the languages they speak
  • Asking about people’s marital status
  • Talking about different nationalities
  • Review

Master the basics with fun videos and challenges to explain and reinforce your learning.

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