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Who is Language Hub?

Language Hub’s mission is foreign language fluency for everyone. We know how important and how enriching it is to speak a second language, and we do everything we can to make foreign language fluency an achievable aim.

We know that people learn best when they have great tools to help them learn and to motivate them to keep on learning. Everything we do is therefore based on the core principles of best practice methodologies, engaging materials, and having fun.

Online Learning is a convenient way of learning a language because you can learn at your own pace and in your own time. However, even the best online learning programmes often fall down because they focus too much on passive learning and “click-and-forget” styles of learning, which means its hard for users to use the language away from the context of the online learning platform.

Language Hub’s Online Learning programme focuses on being able to retain and use the language in real life situations by forcing you to be engaged in your learning with your brain switched on and working.  The programme uses contextual activities and questions to ensure you really know your stuff – there’s no sleeping through this class!

We believe we have created an Online Learning programme that is more effective and delivers better results. By the end of the programme you will have a solid knowledge of the basics and you will be able to apply that knowledge in real life.

Language Hub Online learning is:

  • Convenient
  • At your own pace
  • Engaging
  • Fun
  • Effective in language acquisition and language retention

Take a Language Hub Online Learning course, and enjoy being able to got out in the world and use what you’ve learned in real life.


Spanish Tutor

Cindy is a native speaker from Colombia. She has a teaching degree from Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta.

German Tutor

Ariane is from Frankfurt in Germany. She has an extensive background in language acquisition and loves teaching German.

Japanese Tutor

Miyoko is from Hyogo prefecture in Japan and has been teaching Japanese since 2008. She especially loves teaching Japanese to adults.

French Tutor

Louis is from Rouen in France and has taught French on both sides of the globe. Louis particularly loves helping people with their spoken French

Chinese Tutor

Shirley is from Kunming in South China. She has worked as a language teacher for years and years and years and years and years. She knows it all.

Korean Tutor

Seraphine is a language learning and teaching expert. Even before she was teaching languages, she was learning a whole lot of them, and knows exactly what you’re going through.

Spanish Tutor

Carolina is from Chile and has a passion for teaching Spanish that is second to none. If you’ve got a question – she’s sure to give you a great answer.

Chinese Tutor

Christina is from Shanghai and is a language teacher at heart. Long before she studied the art of language teaching, she accumulated a lot of experience taking people from beginners to expert Chinese speakers.

German Tutor

Angela is from southern Germany and loves teaching both German language and culture to her students. She knows well: you can’t understand one without the other.

Chinese Tutor

Nancy is from Shanghai in China and is great at muddling through the muck and teaching students what they really need to know. She loves teaching Chinese to both adults and children.

Arabic Tutor

Noor is from Iraq and is Language Hub’s longest serving teacher. She has a passion for bringing the Arabic language and culture to her students and nothing will get in the way of her achieving that goal.

Italian Tutor

Irene is our highly experienced Italian teacher. As well as being a qualified linguist and experienced teacher, she is also an expert cook. So don’t think you’ll learn Italian without learning about Italian food with Irene around.


We’d love to hear from you!

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