What is language hub’s online learning ?

/What is language hub’s online learning ?

What is language hub’s online learning ?

This online learning programme is designed to support and complement your language learning outside of class time.
At its core are a series of videos, explanations and challenges for you to complete that ensure that you have a broad coverage of basic language skills.
The online learning reinforces and extends what you have learned in class, and ensures you have a strong base in core language skills.

In order to get the most out of online learning, make sure you use it regularly. Come back a few times a week to complete another topic and keep your hand ‘in the game’. Review lessons if you haven’t been online in a while, or if you’re on holiday and missing out on physical classes.

Learning a language is not like riding a bike. If you want to keep progressing and stop going backwards, you have to keep up with regular practice. Use this online learning programme to ensure you are getting the practice you need outside of class.

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